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New Product Consulting

Protecting your invention is a crucial first step.
Here's how we can help you:

Free New Product Consultation

Our experts can discuss your project with you and help you figure out the correct first steps to take. Patent law has recently changed. Our experts can help you understand what that means for you!

Patent Search

Patent Searches give you an opportunity to see if anyone else has patented an idea similar to yours. They also give you important information to help you decide the best route to go with your idea.

Patent Applications

Whether you want to file a Provisional Patent Application or go right for the Non Provisional, we can help! Our patent professionals have helped secure thousands of patents!

Development and Marketing

We work with a large network of designers, marketing consultants, product scouts and licensing professionals that can help you develop and market your new invention ideas.

I appreciate the attention and efforts

I just want you to know how much I appreciate the attention and efforts that you and your staff are putting forward to help get this project off the ground. I am very happy with the work that has been done to date and I am looking forward to seeing the progression of what's to come.

— C.M.

You have made this as easy as possible

I'm very grateful for all you do and have done on this project. I love working with you and the team. You have made this process as easy as possible.

— Jim K.